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Are you in search of the most reliable Dogecoin mixer? Look no further. DogeHero is the leading service that ensures your coins are completely untraceable. We offer the lowest fees, 24/7 customer support, high-level security, and regular withdrawals of clean Dogecoins. Protect your privacy and transact with Dogecoin anonymously with DogeHero.

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What marks the best cryptocurrency mixer out from the crowd is that this Doge Hero can instantly process multiple transactions for Dogecoin. There is a minimum Dogecoin deposit requirement: 1000 DOGE. The blender can support a maximum of 10 various addresses, with only one blockchain network confirmation required. No site registration is required, and there is a referral program in place. Additionally, the free Dogecoin mixer can provide clients with a letter of guarantee.

the best dogecoin tumbler


154,218 DOGE
3,541,978 DOGE
256,183,039 DOGE


41,370,782 DOGE

Top Dogecoin Mixer in 2024

Our team confirms that we take complete control of our offshore servers. Our infrastructure doesn't have vulnerabilities, and all the data are encrypted. We have not received any warrants or subpoenas to reveal any client'sclient's data. DogeHero doesn't collect any information about our users and their online activities.

❗: We do not store logs, connection time stamps, session information, IP addresses or other data.

Keep Your Funds Untraceable With Fast Dogecoin Tumbler (Blender)

If you have been following investing, trading, or playing with cryptocurrency over the last few years, you may be familiar with "blockchain," technology behind the Dogecoin network. But do you know Blockchain records all transactions in its decentralized public ledger? It means that governments and blockchain forensics firms can trace all your funds. Haven't you expected that? Be sure to take advantage of our Dogecoin blender.

Secure & Reliable Instant Coin Mixing Service

Our service has been developed with a focus on private and censorship-resistant Dogecoin transactions. Your privacy protection supports service and maintains our team to turn all opportunities to your privilege. That's why we have done our utmost to integrate the following features into our Dogecoin tumbler:

Bulletproof level of protection Bulletproof level of protection

Our servers are fully encrypted and located in offshores, which makes them impossible to be seized. Every client is provided with a unique mixing code to prevent mixing his coins with the ones he's sent to the mixer in the previous session. Apart from that, we permanently delete all data about transactions, including incoming Dogecoin addresses.

The biggest mixing facilities The biggest mixing facilities

It doesn't matter how much you will mix (1000 DOGE or 1000000 DOGE); you will not find an easier service than our Dogecoin tumbler. Our service has more than 42M DOGE reserves, allowing you to shuffle even huge amounts of DOGE in a few minutes!

The lowest fees on the web The lowest fees on the web

While other tumbling services charge 5% or even more, DogeHero site helps you to spend fewer Dogecoins. Our fees start only at 0.5% and can be customized by the clients to make it more anonymous and hard to track.

DogeHero's Fees

Mixed Amount Min Service Fee Exclusive Discount -50% You Save
10K – 100K DOGE 0,45%0,225% up to 500 DOGE
100K – 500K DOGE 0,40%0,20% up to 5K DOGE
500K – 1M DOGE 0,35%0,175% up to 25K DOGE
1M – 10M DOGE 0,30%0,15% up to 50K DOGE
10M DOGE and more 0,25%0,125% 55K DOGE

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Percentage distribution

Service fee: {{getFee()}}% - {{getDiscount()}}% (discount) ?

Security level:
Fast payouts confirmation
Up to 24 hours of configurable delays
Up to 2 output addresses
Fast payouts confirmation
Up to 48 hours of configurable delays
Up to 5 output addresses
Premium plan for old valuable clients *
Up to 48 hours of configurable delays
Up to 5 output addresses
* Plan is valid till Jan 31, 2019
​Fast payouts confirmation
Up to 96 hours of configurable delays
Up to 10 output addresses

You send:

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You receive ?:

DOGE ({{item.percent.toFixed(2)}}%) after {{getItemDelay(item)}} immediately
to {{getShotAddress(item.address)}}

Your personal fee {{getFee() - getDiscount()}}%+{{fixFee}} DOGE for every forward address